We Proudly Support

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

American Stage

Girl Scouts of America

Hope Children’s Home of Tampa

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Salvation Army Kettle
Classic Golf Tournament

St. Anthony’s Triathlon

Step Up for Students

Tampa Bay Watch

The Children's Home

The Hospice Foundation

We think of ourselves as a family. We care about each other and share a strong sense of commitment that goes beyond the role and responsibility of our company position. We take pride in being active members of the communities in which we live and work. We come together to volunteer, make contributions and even compete with each other for a cause. Every dollar we raise and minute we volunteer all fuel the spirit and overall attitude of the company.

It’s not just about making money! It’s about our dedication and hard work to create a positive environment and outcome for those we serve and live with.

Our business is famous for mountains of paperwork and lengthy forms. It’s no joke that some insurance policies have more pages than novels. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We operate in a paperless environment most of the time. Our business partners and customers are encouraged to utilize our online resources and embrace our goal to save the environment. Since 2005, we have saved thousands of trees by recycling our office paper, which is then shredded, sold and reused in future paper products.